Imagine having extensive assessments and taking measures to prevent threats from attacking an organization, or adopting controls to ensure prevention of risk occurs, but they still occur and collapse an important part of service capability. No matter how extensive a Risk Management System might be, or how proactive an Incident Response Team might be, there are always risks which are unforeseen and organizations are not prepared to manage their impacts.

In situations like these, containing the incident becomes quite important, but a more important aspect is to ensure continuity of critical business functions and secure reputation. Customers and clients dependent on such services will not accept any delay, and Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery ensure that even an incident does not create much delay between organization’s offerings and the interested parties. We have the competence to ensure realistic business impact assessment, established critical continuity objectives, and develop practical business continuity and disaster recovery plans, to ensure the protection of organization’s repute, data and critical business functions.